Biprangshu Bhattacharjee – A very vibrant and energetic personality with lot of enthusiasm and positivity in himself. He is a very self-motivated and confident person who loves to take challenges and perform the best out of everything. Also he is a very good speaker and never fails to grab the opportunity where he finds to speak to a crowd and get them going with him. Biprangshu also loves travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people around every corner he visits, a very fond lover of nature and natural beauties all around.

Nearly about Decade experience in Corporate Life ,In his vibrant professional career he has bagged many prestigious awards and won many foreign trips on behalf of his achievements in the corporate scene associated  with  reputed organisations . He always learn from his daily experiences ,his NEVER GIVE UP attitude always makes him unique in his world  ,his friends and surrounding call him problem solver .people regularly come up with their problems for solutions This hobby of him meeting new people and interacting to the groups speaking to them and motivating and helping them gain confidence and progress, when he realised that everyone is running for something and most of the people don’t know why they are actually they are on the race ..they are only on the Rat race  , He started to learn more about human psychology why some people become extra ordinary in their profession or life ,what drives them to be unique and why some famous successful people become nowhere, so for this after completion of his MBA in ‘Human resource & Marketing, he completed course on Life Coaching ,where he came to understand that how important LIFE PLANNING is and thus from here the journey began with a strong determination and goal in mind to track those who lack directions in life and find themselves disappeared in this fast growing life…..to reach them meet them, speak out their problems and sort their issues and motivate them to grow ahead and achieve their dreams and lead a successful life.

,life Planning is about creating a vision of your ideal future & defining the steps you need to take that will get you there .Its a process that aligns your short-term decisions with your long-term goals & answers the three BIG question

  • Where am I in life Today ?
  • Where do I want to be in the future?
  • What must I focus on today to get to where I want to be in the future?