TRY and TRY Until You Get The Way

It was drizzling outside having my cup of tea I was looking outside oh let me tell you that our family member includes 8 sparrow bird who remains with us, four family stays   at different corner of our home ,ok so I was having my tea suddenly I noticed one mother bird came out from her home and fly to window and then again moved to her home which we made for them to stay frequently she was moving inside and out .I gave my full concentration there something is happening I need to understand ,few minutes later I saw a baby sparrow at the edge of their home who was very afraid to fly but her mother’s instruction was to fly ,mother sparrow was very much exited after 4-5 attempts the baby bird start to fly but wings are not so strong so baby bird landed in my bed ,now what will happen ,with their excitement I was also feeling excited ,mother sparrow was flying from upward to down somehow baby got motivation to fly and reached at window where his/her mother’s instruction was to fly .This remind me an incident Riding bike was a very difficult job for me once upon a time when I joined sales profession so bike was mandatory the day when I purchased my first super slender bike 10-11 person was there with me to give me confidence one of my friend rode the bike from showroom to my lane and from  lane  I need to take it to home as my family members were waiting for me somehow I could reach riding the journey of one minute ,yes it was my first achievement. In the evening   my elder brother called me up to go with him ,I thought he was excited about my new bike ,after coming near to him I saw he was with bullet bike and instructed me to take my one I was afraid at that time like baby sparrow but my brother gave me confidence he was moving forward with horn by clearing the traffic jam and I was behind him was enjoying ride with FEAR….Now sometimes I thought if that day I did not try riding bike might be my dream ..In life situations come like sparrow bird or my bike riding sometime people accept the challenge some people take help of others or guide and some remains busy in making excuses ,so its in our mind how to respond in any situations.. I will suggest Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Updated: June 2, 2019 — 8:13 am

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