Secret of Success

So you are interested to know secret of success. Now the main point is that what is definition of success for you? Do you know what exactly gives you AHHHAA(Satisfactory) moment. How are you  measuring it .You are thinking now that I wanted to read the secret.. here nothing is written clearly till now. Hold on ,definition of  success differs from person to person. For you Success may be  money or luxury life , is there any specific amount of money you wish or you have just programmed money in your subconscious mind as a definition of success..its just an example don’t take it personally. I am telling you Success is just a feeling which you have set on your subconscious mind that the goal which you have set it may be short term /long term or mid term you will tell everyone and everyone will appreciate you. There is  no universal definition that for becoming successful you need to compete with others or defeat just compete  with your yesterday ,set some realistic goal small small goals achieve it ,give yourself treat enjoy that moment ,achieve another one give yourself another treat, by this activity you will be confident and now you know well who appreciates you when you achieve your Milestones, its none other than you so no tension of what other will say because here everything is in your hand. Now set a Mid term goal work for it but enjoy every second in the journey achieve it give yourself a treat of vacation ,after coming from vacation start planning for your BIGGEST Goal in life. After your death how you want to be remembered start work for that..Ahha now don’t take tension why this person is telling about death I am quite young by heart but my friend life is for one time Set BIG GOAL enjoy every second of this journey and best part of this journey is that your friend who is helping you as motivational coach is none other than your Inner Voice /Guru/Almighty ..

Ok Ok Don’t be angry I am giving you few points to understand..

  • Don’t compare with others
  • STOP Negative self talking
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Accept Failure .Failure is our Best teacher in life
  • Be True to yourself
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Prioritize your work.
  • Stop giving excuses Now and then
  • Set Small small goals achieve those and feel the success
  • Don’t let others judge your success,give this responsibility to your inner coach.

I am not a perfect person trying to be GPS for your Successful life.

Updated: May 1, 2019 — 7:39 am

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