Happiness is not something which anyone can purchase from market or to borrow from someone..Happiness is totally depend on yourself,Happiness operated by your inner voice..Just hold on ,concentrate on your inner voice, here you are busy in reading this article on how to be Happy on the other side your inner voice is gossiping with each other.There are two types of voices you will get your inside,one is from INNER COACH/ALMIGHTY another is of Inner Devil , Inner Coach will tell you positive things ,will motivate you where as Inner Devil will oppose you.Now its your job to increase the sound of your INNER Coach by concentrating what type of discussion is going on inside you without your permission ,start positive self talk in front of mirror, practice it,if you concentrate on positive self talk on continuous 20 days it will become your Habit and you will find a way to HAPPINESS.

Secondly start to understand your every family members or the people who remains with you they are most important factor of your HAPPINESS or UNHAPPINESS ,try to guide them or help them to be Happy ,if you see smiley face on daily basis you will be Happy. GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY will give ultimate satisfaction If you help needy persons and contribute to society for good cause it will give Happiness of Million Dollar.Be the BRAND AMBASSADOR OF HAPPINESS .Keep SMILING and ask others to SMILE.

Updated: April 30, 2019 — 7:16 am

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